Welcome to Planned Giving

When you make a planned gift to Cranbrook, you help us continue fulfilling our mission to develop a diverse and inclusive community of people who will live with purpose and integrity, create with passion, explore with curiosity, and strive for excellence.

To get started creating your legacy at Cranbrook, learn about the different gift options available to you by exploring What to Give and How to Give. Then compare gift options and calculate how these gifts could work for you. And, of course, if you have any questions, please contact us. We enjoy working with you to accomplish your philanthropic and financial goals.

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Gifts by Will

We invite you to consider including Cranbrook in your will.

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Join the Cranbrook Legacy Society

We invite you to join our society honoring our generous donors.

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Plan by Life Stage

Learn which type of gift may be appropriate at your stage of life.

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Compare Gifts

Compare gift types to see which will best meet your goals.

Planned Giving Blog

Payback: We Like to Help the Charities That Helped Us—And Sometimes We Can Benefit Again

Our sense of fair play inspires us to “pay back” the organizations that have supported us—and our gift can have tax benefits.

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Where There’s a Will, There’s More Than One Way to Be Charitable

Your will is the best way to express your future wishes, including about the causes you hold dear.

The Giving Season Is a Great Time to Establish Your Charitable Legacy

Your legacy includes the virtues you practice and the wealth you leave to others.

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