Cranbrook Legacy Society Members

Michael Acheson C ’80
Marsha Rudolph Adams K ’56
Bruce Aikens C ’77 and Linda Aikens
Anonymous (42)
P. Thomas Austin
Linda Wasserman Aviv K ’73 and Joseph Aviv
Gunther Balz C ’49 and Susan Balz
Brian Barefoot C ’61
Jane Barth K ’51
Lillian Bauder and Donald Bauder
Anne Brennan Belden K ’74
Colby Van Bennett K ’73
Robert Hunt Berry C ’63
Karen Lutomski Biddulph CK ’87 and Curt Biddulph CK ’87
Lido Bossory
Mary Lou Kroh Brous CAA ’90 and Thomas Brous
Hildreth Buterbaugh C ’61
Raymond Chateau and Lynn Chateau
Jeffrey Clark and Velva Clark
Michael and Melonie Colaianne
John K. Colwell, M.D. C '51
Russell and Kathryn Conner
Susan Flint Cooper K ’58
Jack Cornelius C ’47
Timothy Coughlin C ’60
Claire Zimmerman Dailey K ’53
Lawrence Danto C ’58 and Linda Danto
Adriane de Windt
Dirk Dieters C ’69
Paul Dodyk C ’55
Jodi Gordenker DuFresne K ’77 and Jeffrey DuFresne
Francis Duncan C ’55
Michael S. Elledge
Peter B. Elliott C '65
Judith Felgar CAA ’63
Marilyn Finkel
Rebecca Fleischman K ’68
Ralph Gerson C ’68 and Erica Ward Gerson
Judith Earle Gillow K ’55
Jan Goldstein and Steven Teske
Andrew Good C ’61
William Gordon C ’68
Mary Hallett CAA ’66
William and Tavi Fulkerson Hampton
Ronald E. Harbour
Richard Harris C ’73
Ferdinand A. Hauslein, Jr. C '61
Michael Hermanoff C ’57 and Sandra Hermanoff
Henry Hoffman C ’59
Bradley Host C ’67 and Laura Whitesides Host
Emily Wayne Huling K ’72
Mary Ann Igna
Robert G. Isbell M.D. and Susan Isbell
Mike and Stephanie (Purdy) Ito
Barbara Jackman
Ira Jaffe
John Jensen CAA ’59 and Ann Jensen
Leslie Schimpke Johnston K ’64
Howard Kaufman C ’58
Ernst F. Kern, Jr. in honor of his brother, Otto Kern, C '70
Thomas Kirchhofer CAA '70 and Swidlonna Kirchhofer
Robert Klein C ’58 and Wallis Klein
Ruth Knights
Peter Laszlo Koenig CAA ’61
Gary Kulak CAA ’75
Donald and Jeanne Kunz
Brock R. Landry C ’65
Bonnie Ann Larson
Linda Dailey LeMieux
Mary Barton Letts K ’51
Allan Levy C ’51
Paul Lewis C ’69

Mary Ann Oancea Lievois K ’78
Richard and Elizabeth Lilley
Jack Lillis CAA ’69 and Carol Lillis
Robert L. Livingston
Frederic B. Lowrie, Jr. C ’67
Susan Lundin
Wayne Lyon C ’50
Jennifer MacLeod-Kulm CK ’87
Bruce Margulis C ’73 and Annie Margulis
Ron and Clara Marks
Martha Browning Mast K ’52
Timothy and Marilyn Mast
Dr. Michael A. McMorris H ’81
Gerald McNeely
Dennis W. Montville
Lora L. Morton
Richard Munt C ’60
Mark Neithercut C ’69
Eloise Day Noland K ’48 and Nelson Noland
Stephen and Carol Park
Sina Pearson CAA ’72
Norman and Rosalie Peslar
Ellen Flint Price K ’55
Gladys Robina Quale-Leach
William Raisch C ’55 and Janet Raisch
David Randall C ’80
Lawrence Raymond C ’68 and Rusty Raymond
Lea Stoody Riesen K ’67
Katherine Rines
David Robinson and Constance Robinson
Peter Robinson C ’68
Allan and Nancy Rothfeder
Betty Hamady Sams K ’53
Mike Schirmer
Dana Schneider K’77
Jocelyn A. Scofield
Charles Sharbaugh CAA ’75 and Kathryn Sharbaugh CAA ’74
Peter Simpson C ’49 and Lynne Simpson
Raymond Sliwicki CAA ’73
Hugh Sloan, Jr.
Elizabeth Smith K ’72
Monica Smith-Daniels
William Soter C ’53
Polly Ward Spaulding K ’47
Roberta Stewart
Sheridan Strickland K ’66
Charles Svalya
George Tepe CK '10
Stewart Thomson
Stephen Troxel
Frank and Dorothy Trubiro
Robert and Susie Ufer
Linda A. Wall
Kristine Gilmartin Wallace K ’59 and Stephen Wallace
Ruth Robinson Warner CAA ’52
John Wert C ’53
Richard Westerman C ’43 and Phyllis Westerman
Michael Whitted C ’90
David Willard CAA ’74
Michel Howard Williams K ’60
R. Jamison Williams C ’59
Wallis Wood C ’59
James Wright CAA ’61
Gail Burgess Zavelson K ’61 and Thomas Zavelson C ’61

The names of deceased members are italicized.

If you have arranged a future gift to Cranbrook, we invite you to tell us about it so that we can thank you and discuss with you any particular purpose for which you would like your gift to be used. Please let us know by contacting Cranbrook’s Office of Advancement at 248.645.3272. We are happy to honor any requests for anonymity.


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